Mary Berry & Mark Winne at Food Summit & Sustainable Living Conference


In 1977 Wendell Berry published The Unsettling of America, a book that started a national and international conversation on the state of agriculture in our country. The Berry Center’s mission is to continue his work by bringing focus, knowledge, and cohesiveness to the work of changing our ruinous industrial agriculture system into a culture that uses nature as the standard, that accepts no permanent damage to the ecosphere, and that takes into consideration human health in local communities. (more…)

Food Summit & Sustainable Living Conference – Oxford, MS



Join us for our most exciting conference yet March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the beautiful United Methodist Church just off the square in Oxford, Mississippi! Every year we improve and expand on past conferences. This year's conference is going to be our best yet. Join us Friday as we ask the question, How do we get healthy food to Mississippians from the field to the table? Policy makers and producers, join a public that is demanding healthy options.  (more…)

Give Up Pesticides (Try IPM Instead)

Beads of Water on Leaf

Insects have plagued farmers and gardeners since the dawn of agriculture, and continue to munch their way through millions of dollars worth of valuable vegetation every year. But after the widespread commercialization of industrial chemicals in the U.S., scientists began to envision a more effective, safer way of dealing with pests, rather than simply dousing the countryside with toxic chemicals. Whether it's from pesticide residue on foodsdecades-old home and garden pesticides lingering around or other pathways, exposure to pesticides could be the environmental trigger for a range of health problems, from autism to Parkinson's disease. (more…)

CSA’s Available in New Albany

ns4New Albany, MS - 2/25/2013 - Sugaree's Bakery is sponsoring three new Community Supported Agriculture programs this year.  Certified Naturally Grown fruits and vegetables, all natural free range chicken and handmade stone ground wheat bread will be offered through the bakery and Biscuits & Jam Farmers' Market.


Preparing the Soil in Spring

soilprepHow soon is too soon get started in the spring?

Gradually the late-winter sun rises higher in the sky each day, and its rays are warmer, more intense, even through the brisk March wind. Soon we're able to eat our evening dinner by daylight. As the late winter snow melts into the earth, I begin to shuffle seed packets and round up the garden tools. I know it's still too early to dig, but there's no harm in being ready, is there? (more…)