Let ‘No Child Left Inside’ Be Your Mantra

kidsoutsidePlaying and learning outside can strengthen kids' minds and bodies, encourages creativity and scientific exploration, and may pay dividends for attention spans and educational achievement, not to mention longterm environmental quality: If kids don't learn to love nature when they're young, they're unlikely to support environmental protection as adults. (more…)

Is a Non-GMO Food Industry Possible?


While General Mills may be turning a deaf ear to those of you who want labels on food products that contain genetically modified ingredients, plenty of companies are jumping past the labeling-laws discussion and are actively looking to remove genetically engineered ingredients from their products to meet growing consumer demand.

But according to The New York Times, the race to replace genetically modified ingredients has proved challenging. “Roughly 90 percent or more of four major crops—corn, soybeans, canola and sugar beets—are grown from genetically engineered seeds,” writes Stephanie Strom. “Additionally, the livestock industry is increasing its demand for non-GMO crops to meeting growing demand among consumers for eggs and meats sourced from animals that have never eaten genetically modified feeds.” (more…)

Oslo runs out of garbage, imports it from rest of the world


Oslo, the capital of Norway, has a strange garbage problem. Too much? No, not enough. At first it might seem like any garbage is too much garbage, but Oslo (like many other cities in Scandinavia and Northern Europe) has built cogeneration plants that produce heat and electricity from garbage -- enough to heat about half of the city. But the locals don't produce enough garbage, partly because of their high recycling rate, so they have to import millions of tonnes of it from places like England and Sweden. They're even considering importing American garbage. (more…)

What Are the Odds Your Kid Will Be Obese?


There’s plenty of research out there showing that too often parents are blind to their child’s weight problem. They simply don’t see it. Or they rationalize it away.

So it’s not a stretch to say that many parents don’t recognize the risk factors for obesity, either. But as with most things, if you know the risks, you can take steps to reduce your risk. In this case, knowing the risk factors could help ensure your kid isn’t one of 12.5 million American children and teens who are obese, according to stats from the Centers for Disease Control. (more…)

Twilight Series: Bats – Nature’s Tiny Titans – Strawberry Plains Audubon Center

batsWhen: Saturday, May 25th at 6:30pm

Where: Strawberry Plains Audubon Center

Cost: $5 per person; $15 for families of 3 or more

Join us Saturday, May 25th to learn about the fascinating lives of Mississippi bats: what they eat, where they live, and why they are so important. Come along as we take a twilight hike out to Sharecropper Pond to watch as hundreds of bats leave their two houses for the night. Bring a flashlight or headlamp and be sure to dress for the weather. You don’t want to miss it! (more…)