Cannabis in your car doors, but not to smuggle it

hempWhat CAN'T you do with hemp?

In yesterday's unveiling of the new BMW i3 electric car, there was a cool detail that was overlooked by most. In BMW's description of the green materials it used in the i3, the word kenaf was used. That might not ring a bell for most, but it's actually a a kind of hemp (specifically Hibiscus cannabinus). (more…)

10 best gadgets to have in an emergency

gadgetsHurricane season is here and we only need to look to last October to see the type of destruction one can bring. If you're starting to stock your hurricane kit, first check out the National Hurricane Center's checklist and make sure you're prepared. Once basic needs are covered, you may want to start thinking about how you'll stay in contact with others and the outside world. With no power, you'll need ways to keep cell phones, laptops and radios going, as well as fans (or heaters) and lighting too. (more…)