10 most popular tech stories of September

Solar cell hits new world record with 44.7 percent efficiency
"It took three years of research on this particular solar technology to hit the new world record of 44.7 percent, an efficiency that is getting the world of solar tech tantalizingly close to 50 percent."

This little patch acts like an invisibility cloak to mosquitoes
"[T]he development of a novel form of mosquito repellent could make it much safer for humans in those areas, because the non-toxic compounds in it can effectively block mosquitoes’ ability to track humans for up to 48 hours, rendering the wearer virtually invisible to mosquitoes." (more…)

High Level of Arsenic in Rice May Cause Cancer

rice Arsenic is a naturally occurring substance found in the environment, sometimes in higher levels as a result of human activity. It is in the water, the air, soil and foods. In food, it may be present as inorganic arsenic, which is the most toxic form, or organic arsenic (which is considered harmless). Inorganic arsenic, which is the type found in some pesticides and insecticides, can be toxic and pose a cancer risk if consumed in high levels or over a long period of time. (more…)

Fall Cleanup Guide

fallgardenYou and your fall garden benefit when you give your plants the same TLC in fall as you do in spring and summer. Wildlife will find food and shelter, weeds will be easier to control, and plant diseases as well as pests will no longer drive you crazy. Follow Organic Gardening's guide to the tasks and tools to help you through the season’s finale—and you can thank us come spring.


One More More Reason to Eat Grass-Fed, Organic Meat: USDA Safety Inspection Falling Short

organic beef

An investigation by The Washington Post found that a USDA pilot meat inspection program that is about to be implemented nationwide is failing miserably in stopping contamination.

The inspection program is designed to speed up meat processing lines by up to 20 percent. Additionally, the number of USDA safety inspectors at each plant is being cut in half, and being replaced with private inspectors employed by the meat companies themselves. Sound suspicious? (more…)

3 Reasons to Eat Seasonally

top20fmarketsThere’s a reason certain foods are called “comfort food.” Certain dishes remind us of certain periods in our lives or times of the year. Who doesn’t have a soft spot for apple-inspired treats in the fall, fresh-picked berries in the summer or a hardy stew just bursting with winter root vegetables?

There’s something just not right about blueberries in January, yet thanks to modern means of preservation and transportation most people don’t know what crops grow when. Eating what’s in season is vastly superior to the decadence of having what you want, when you want it for a number of important reasons. (more…)