Mama Mia Mighty Chia: Calcium, Fiber, Omegas, Weightloss and more!

chiaIf you are a runner or just someone who wants to get a super boost of energy from a simple and healthy source, you need to join the Chia craze!   Since around 3400 BC the ancient tribes of Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans all consumed chia because they knew it to be a high energy food. The word Chia actually means “strength” in the Mayan language.  It is also commonly referred to as the Indian Running Food because of the increased stamina and speed it would give their warriors and hunters.  These early Chia fans would grind it into their flour, press it for oil and add it to water to drink to make sure they were getting lots of Chia’s magical benefits. (more…)

How to wash the pesticide from produce

WASHINGOrganically farmed produce is better than conventionally farmed produce. This statement has been backed variously by scientific studies and empirical evidence to that effect. However, organically farmed crops are not everybody’s cup of tea for all sorts of reasons, including that the wallet factor is high.The least we can do then, to help ourselves is thoroughly wash our fruit and vegetables, thereby making them cleaner and safer to consume. Some old fashioned cleaning materials either combined or used by themselves are known to reduce the impact of eating sprayed produce. (more…)

Blow Your Nose – Without Blowing Away More Trees Read more: Recycled Tissues – Facial Tissues Made from Recycled Paper

tissueIt's cold season and runny noses are making their annual appearance. The most eco-friendly way to blow your nose is to use the old-fashioned handkerchief. However, if carrying a used hankie in your pocket adds a stomach ache to your symptoms, look into the option of purchasing tissues made with 100% recycled paper.

According to the Resource Conservation Alliance, each American uses approximately 800 pounds of paper per year. By using paper products made from 100% recycled material you not only help protect forests by lowering the demand for trees, but you also help lower the formation of toxic dioxins and furans in the environment by avoiding products bleached with chlorine. (more…)