Royal Jelly Benefits for Skincare


Using Royal Jelly for skincare is a  a good idea because it is an amazing substance which has powerful healing, moisturizing, and protective properties. The completely natural product can benefit all skin types whether dry, irritated, sensitive, or oily. The following are just a few of the ways that using royal jelly for skincare can improve the health and vitality of your skin: (more…)

Give to Charity While You Shop Onlin

igive-goodshop-logos-mdThere's no time of year like the holiday shopping season for American expenditures, and online shopping makes up an ever-growing portion of the retail take. For green consumers aware of the environmental impact of their gift purchases, the season comes with a heavy dose of uncertainty, or even guilt: How much is appropriate to spend? When buying for loved ones, how must "stuff" is too much? (more…)

These tiles are made from your old computer monitors

CRTglasstiles.jpg.662x0_q100_crop-scaleWith everyone who can afford to turning to flat screen technology to replace their old TVs and monitors, there's an abundance of old cathode ray tube (CRT) glass hitting the e-waste stream, and a dearth of ways to put it back into service. But an innovative ceramic tile company that focuses on the use of recycled materials in their products has a great idea for recycled CRT glass, giving it a second life as a sustainable interior design element. (more…)