Google and SunPower pump $250 million more into residential solar leasing

sunpower home

Google is one of the leading corporations in the US for investment in renewable energy. On Earth Day (yesterday), it announced its 15th renewable energy investment, the purchase of a gigantic 407-megawatt wind farm in Iowa. Just one day later, it just announced its 16th renewable energy investment, a $100 million investment in residential solar leasing. (more…)

New medical microchips to be implanted by 2017, delivering drugs, routine birth control through wireless communication.

Microchip-Pills-Drugs(NaturalNews) The future of prescription drugging and birth control lies in a microchip.

Right now, chips with drug reservoirs can be implanted directly under the skin, delivering doses of pharmaceuticals or birth control hormones at the same time each day. The implanted chip is designed to be remote-controlled and governed by "medical professionals." (more…)

Plant these 6 perennial vegetables once, and reap their harvest year after year

Asparagus tips in garden

Traditional backyard gardens tend to be full of annual vegetables that need to be started year after year from seed, and while those veggies can be well worth the time and labor it takes to grow them, planting some perennial vegetables in your garden and yard can end up putting food on your plate for far less effort. (more…)

Tips on Recycling Plastic Bags and Film Packaging

Most polyethylene bags, film and wraps are recyclable, but require a different type of recycling than plastic bottles and containers. Plastic bottles and containers usually are collected curbside, while major grocery chains ask that used clean and dry plastic bags and wraps be recycled in bins in front of the store or near the checkout. (more…)