10 ways to improve your recycling

recyclling bins

Recycling got its start almost four decades ago, when a U.S. paper company wanted a symbol to communicate its products' recycled content to customers. The design competition they held was won by Gary Anderson, a young graphic designer from the University of Southern California. His entry, based on the Mobius strip (a shape with only one side and no end) is now universally recognized as the symbol for recycling. (more…)

Benefits to composting for organic sustainability in natural vegetable gardens

No one knows who discovered the benefits of composting by planting seeds in the refuse of human, animal, mineral and vegetable waste materials. Regardless of its origin, it's clear that life grows from death. Drawing new life from the leavings of the past has been happening on earth since the beginning, and mankind can make use of this divine gift by turning raw materials into nutrient-rich compost for organic sustainability.


The Many Benefits of Backyard Chickens

When Green America member Laura Gidney and her husband John were househunting in New York state, they knew their new home had to be in a neighborhood zoned for backyard chickens. The Gidney family now has ten adult chickens, with 20 newly hatched chicks this spring. They make their home in a comfortable coop with plenty of space to roam. Each morning, the Gidneys enjoy fresh eggs from their mini-flock. (more…)

Four year study on bee killing pesticides released: bad news doesn’t stop at bees

Four year study warns neonicotinoid pesticides are killing bees

Scientists released today the results of a four year worldwide integrated assessment of the effect of systemic pesticides, primarily the neonicotinoids but also fipronil (Twitter: #WIAlaunch). These pesticides, called 'neonics' for short, entered wide use in the 1990's when they were hailed as a new generation of chemicals with very low toxicity to vertebrates. (more…)

9 tips for Zero Waste entertaining this summer

glass straws made by Simply Straws

Summer is the season for outdoor entertaining. Unfortunately, this can result in excessive amounts of waste, as many hosts set out piles of Styrofoam plates, plastic cutlery, and plastic cups in order to reduce the amount of cleanup and broken glasses in the backyard. It might be convenient and easy to entertain in this way, but it’s unsustainable. (more…)