Toyota Garden

toyotaBy Angie Barmer

This Fall, residents from Blue Springs will have an outdoor space to go to for education, relaxation, reading, gardening, and more.

Sean Suggs, vice president of administration at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Mississippi, Inc., said, “We thank the community of Blue Springs for the warm welcome shown to our team members and are pleased to give the town something in return.” (more…)

Toyota Environment

sustainability_studiesBy Angie Barmer

In addition to rolling out a plethora of Toyota Corollas every day, the Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Mississippi, Inc. facility in Blue Springs is also deemed the model sustainable assembly plant for North American operations.

This is due to the many environmental and sustainability practices that are in place every day at the 1,540-acre Blue Springs facility. Performance, biodiversity, community education, and renewable energy are the keys to these daily practices at TMMMS. (more…)