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 Farmersí Market » The Downtown Tupelo Farmersí Market

The Downtown Tupelo Farmersí Market

The Downtown Tupelo Farmersí MarketLocated on South Spring Street at the railroad tracks. Season opens May 9th and continues through October 31st. Market dates are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings from 6:00 a.m. until the vendors sell out!
Locally grown fruits and vegetables, fresh flowers, plants, herbs, dairy products, breads, pies, cakes, pastries, pickles, jams, jellies, preserves and smoked meats.
Designated a Mississippi Certified Farmersí Market from the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce.
Download Rules and Regulations

Farmers Market Shopping Tips
Use the Market as a place to plan your meal. Go to the Market and get inspired. Learn to shop and eat ďseasonallyĒ. Produce harvested and picked fresh always taste better and will enhance any meal.

Talk to the producer. Get invaluable information on even the most common fruits and vegetables.

Buy a new item every once in a while. Ask the person next to you or the grower to give you some ideas on how to use the item. Or trust in your intuition and take it home, taste it raw, steam, roast, grill or stir-fry whatever is in season. This is one of the ways to creative cooking.

Get the kids involved. Give them a few dollars and let them buy whatever produce they want and will eat. Itís a great way to make them responsible rather for eating fruits and vegetables.

Take your favorite basket or cloth bag. Itís sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Recycle your plastic bags. After each market, tuck them back into your market basket. Again, itís an environmentally friendly thing to do.

Use your senses to find the best items. Smell, touch (gently) and taste.

Bring a friend to the market. Turn someone else on to the rich satisfaction that can be found through the food and community at the farmers market.Share

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