Monsanto ordered to stop making false advertising claims about GMOs in South Africa

monsantoguilty(NaturalNews) As genetically modified crops fail in several regions around the world and are exposed as a detriment to health, many are beginning to see right through the high-dollar false advertising claims projected by biotech corporations like Monsanto.

(Note that in the 40s and 50s Monsanto made false safety claims about their own insecticide, DDT. By 1972, independent research showed the horrific consequences of this insecticide which ultimately led to the chemical being banned worldwide.) (more…)

Monsanto’s new herbicide-resistant GM crops threaten American vegetable farmers

Organic-Farmer-Tomatoes(NaturalNews) Many American corn and soybean farmers embrace genetically modified seeds and herbicide chemicals. This biotechnology invention helps them produce higher crop yields without having to worry about weeds. Today's farmers can just apply, en masse, chemicals like glyphosate, which knock out the weeds, allowing the hybrid corn and soybeans to thrive. While this science seems to increase certain food production, it is actually limiting vegetable farmers. (more…)

Who knew vegetable gardens could be so revolutionary?

backyard vegetable garden

CC BY 2.0 gardener41

Food production has long been linked to politics, but there is a new movement underfoot. Americans are growing tired of waiting for the food industry to change. Thanks to the Internet, revealing documentaries, and outspoken food activists, there is more information available than ever before about the dark side of corporate-driven food production. So, while Monsanto continues to sell its genetically modified seeds and CAFOs continue to churn out questionable meat, Americans are protesting by picking up their shovels and hoes – and gardening. (more…)

French senator introduces draft law to ban all GM maize cultivation

No-GMO(NaturalNews) Following a high court ruling back in August that overturned a ban on the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) corn in France, a French senator has now introduced new legislation to effectively reinstate and extend this ban. Reuters reports that a member of the ruling Socialist party has submitted a draft law calling for the outlaw of not only Monsanto's MON 810 GM maize, but also all other existing and future iterations of transgenic corn that might be introduced. (more…)

Open release of GM insects threatens to spread pesticide resistance


UK-based Oxitec has developed new genetically modified insects that it plans to release in open field trials in the coming months. The company plans to release GM olive flies in Spain and GM Mediterranean fruit flies in Brazil. The olive fly strain being used is not native to Spain, and studies of the species in Greece have identified different levels of pesticide-resistance in different areas. The flies are engineered to breed with native pests and produce offspring with them, the females of which mostly die as larvae. In this way, they plan to suppress the native pest population. (more…)

“GMO OMG” documentary explores one of the biggest issues of our generation

GMO OMG is the next documentary you want to put on your to-watch list. Coming out on September 13th, the film by Jeremy Seifert explores a topic that ranks up there as one of the biggest of our lifetime, along with plastic pollution and, you know, global warming. Genetically Modified Organisms and omg! what does it mean for our food, our health, and our economy. Specifically, it "explores the systematic corporate takeover and potential loss of humanity’s most precious and ancient inheritance: seeds." (more…)