How to make and use compost, with Lee Reich

Lee-ReichHOW CAN EVERY LAST SCRAP of goodness we’re all gathering during garden cleanup be put to optimal use? I asked Lee Reich, who joined me on this week’s radio show, to share strategic soil-improving, weed-thwarting, and future harvest-enhancing steps you can take now, as you put the garden to bed. Learn to compost smarter, prep your soil easily. That’s Lee with his trusty scythe, above, which doesn’t figure into composting but into how he cuts his meadow-like fields. Impressive, and mesmerizing! (more…)

Family of four produced just 1 bag of trash last year, could your family do the same?

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They faced the challenge and learned new habits      

Necessity is the mother of invention, goes the saying. If you tell yourself: "I'd like to reduce how much garbage I produce", you probably won't achieve much because there are no concrete constraints. It's just a vague, amorphous wish, and it's hard to tell if you're succeeding or failing. But if you set yourself a very clear, very ambitious goal, you'll be a lot more inclined to rise up to the challenge and take the steps necessary to truly change things.

Benefits to composting for organic sustainability in natural vegetable gardens

No one knows who discovered the benefits of composting by planting seeds in the refuse of human, animal, mineral and vegetable waste materials. Regardless of its origin, it's clear that life grows from death. Drawing new life from the leavings of the past has been happening on earth since the beginning, and mankind can make use of this divine gift by turning raw materials into nutrient-rich compost for organic sustainability.


The Many Benefits of Backyard Chickens

When Green America member Laura Gidney and her husband John were househunting in New York state, they knew their new home had to be in a neighborhood zoned for backyard chickens. The Gidney family now has ten adult chickens, with 20 newly hatched chicks this spring. They make their home in a comfortable coop with plenty of space to roam. Each morning, the Gidneys enjoy fresh eggs from their mini-flock. (more…)

Leaf It for Compost

leaf-compost-TP-medInstead of bagging up all those pretty fall leaves and stacking them out at the curb, turn them into compost, and save energy and landfill space.

Yard waste is the second-largest component of our trash stream (behind paper), according to the EPA, and makes up roughly 20 percent of most communities' haul. Plus, trucking all those bulky bags from homes to the dump requires a lot of fuel, not to mention heaving and sweating by waste collectors. (more…)

7 No-Cost Ways to Grow More Food From Your Garden

urban-garden-safety.jpg.662x0_q100_crop-scaleCompost everything
First and foremost, if you want to build healthy, lively soils, you first have to add food for the soil microbes that inhabit it. That food comes in the form of compost and other organic matter. Whether you are making worm compost orcomposting cardboard boxes, creating your own soil amendments from materials that would otherwise go to waste is a no-brainer. Not only does it add plant nutrients and beneficial microorganisms to your soil, it also aids with both water retention and drainage and reduces the amount of crap you are sending to landfill too. (more…)