Refrigeration Battery is a cool idea for saving energy at the supermarket

Supermarket-refrigerator.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scaleElon Musk gets all the pixels for his new Powerwall battery system, but here's another cool battery that is making a splash. It's the Refrigeration Battery from Axiom. Apparently those giant coolers and fridges full of all that unhealthy frozen prepared food eat up 56 percent of a grocery store's electricity. The refrigeration battery, like the Powerwall, works by storing energy when power is cheap, smoothing out the demand curve. However it does it with water, not lithium.


Inexpensive wireless device harnesses “lost” energy from microwave signals

harvestingarray.jpg.662x0_q100_crop-scaleOur local environment is full of invisible and until now, unusable, energy in the form of microwaves and WiFi signals, but most of it is lost to us.

But a new configuration of a power-harvesting device developed at Duke University has been able to capture and convert microwave signals into usable direct current that could charge small electronic devices. (more…)

Make a simple microbial fuel cell



Instructable user drdan152 let us share his cool project for making a microbial fuel cell, a technology that harvests electrons that are a byproduct of bacteria breaking down organic matter to produce electricity, at home. This project lets you get up close with the science behind microbial fuel cells and learn about this type of renewable energy technology. (more…)

Fossil Fuel Supply Shortages Behind India’s Largest Power Blackout Ever


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Following Monday’s massive electric grid failure across northern India, and full restoration some 15 hours later, the nation has again been hit by huge power outages, double in size to those just passed. Huffington Post reports that three regional power grids have … Continue reading