The Many Benefits of Eating Locally

Farmers' markets make it easy to buy fresh, nutrient-rich food

I'm a huge advocate of what I call "clean eating." The less processed the food, the better. This is one of the many reasons I adore farmers' markets. These local venues are great places to purchase fresh, healthy food directly from the farmer or grower. And with farms across the country bustling with activity at this time of the year, it's a perfect time to go check out a local farmers' markets. (more…)

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As much as we like to tout the benefits and advantages of sourcing more of our food locally, actually getting homegrown and local food on our table is a bit more challenging than it ought to be. Farmers markets and farm stands are a great place to find local growers that plant and harvest enough to bring to market, but it takes a fair amount of commitment and equipment to be a market gardener, so they don't often host backyard growers who end up with excess produce. (more…)

10 of the South’s Best Farmers Markets

10 of the South’s Best Farmers Markets

With the weather finally showing signs of spring, that can mean only one thing: it’s farmers market season.

The farmers market has been boosting local economies and providing consumers with the freshest local produce since the Great Depression, when roadside stands began popping up all over the country. The South boasts some of the best farmers markets in the country, and most are set up in both major cities and small communities by May. Next time you’re wondering what to cook for dinner, stop by one of these great Southern markets and pick out something that was most likely picked just hours before. (Scroll down for produce in season, shopping tips and more markets recommended by readers.) (more…)

Biscuits & Jam Farmers’ Market – New Albany, MS

b&jfmNew Albany, MS – 4/18/2013 – Biscuits & Jam Farmers’ Market on the Tallahatchie Riverbank starts its second year Saturday, May 18 with a plant sale by the Union County Master Gardeners.  The market will be open every Saturday through August 31st  from 7 am to 10 am.  Eligible growers will also be allowed to sell on any given day as produce is available.  Sponsors, Sugaree’s Bakery and High Point Coffee will be providing free biscuits and coffee to the 1st 100 people.  There will be live local music each Saturday.  Tallahatchie Yoga will have Community Yoga every Saturday at 9 am on site.  The market will sell only locally grown produce, processed farm goods, canned fruits and vegetables, home baked goods and local hand-made crafts.  No live animals will be sold.   (more…)