Nine states propose 16 anti-fluoridation bills in 2013 to protect public against poison

tap-water(NaturalNews) Things are heating up on the fluoride front as states and municipalities all across the country rethink their official water fluoridation policies. According to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), some 16 pieces of legislation across nine states were introduced or passed just within the past year to protect the public against this pervasive poison. (more…)

Government and Top University Studies: Fluoride Lowers IQ and Causes Other Health Problems

flourideinfowarsDentists Haven’t Read the Studies

Preface: This post doesn’t discuss any conspiracy theories.  It simply presents a scientific review of the studies by mainstream sources on fluoride.

Why do dentists push fluoride, even though an overwhelming number of scientific studies conclude that cavity levels are falling worldwide … even in countries which don’t fluoridate water? (more…)

Do You Still Believe Fluoride Is Good For Our Teeth? Read This!

This topic has become so big in recent years that it probably isn’t necessary to state this, but for those that are new to the subject, here goes!

The fluoride used in dental practices and in our water supply is not a chemical made in a laboratory and approved as a safe drug.  To understand fluoride further, we can look at it scientifically; technically the name fluoride is scientifically inaccurate.  Fluoride is an element we can find on the periodic table. It is naturally occurring in nature but is not safe for humans in high dosages. (more…)

Harvard now ridiculously insists that fluoride only lowers IQ levels outside the United States

(NaturalNews) Intense industry pressure to continue mass medicating Americans with fluoride chemicals via public water supplies has apparently influenced Harvard University researchers to backtrack on a recent study they conducted that verified fluoride chemicals lower IQ levels in children. We are now being told the absurd lie that fluoride is only detrimental to people in other countries, and that Americans need not worry about ingesting and bathing in the toxic brew here in the states. (more…)