10 best gadgets to have in an emergency

gadgetsHurricane season is here and we only need to look to last October to see the type of destruction one can bring. If you're starting to stock your hurricane kit, first check out the National Hurricane Center's checklist and make sure you're prepared. Once basic needs are covered, you may want to start thinking about how you'll stay in contact with others and the outside world. With no power, you'll need ways to keep cell phones, laptops and radios going, as well as fans (or heaters) and lighting too. (more…)

New Yorkers get juiced with solar charging stations

streetchargeWe've all been there. You have an important meeting or date planned, but suddenly realize your smart phone is almost out of battery power, thus complicating your ability to rendezvous with your colleagues, friends or -- even worse -- a first date. Well, thankfully for New Yorkers, 25 new solar stations from AT&T, Goal Zero and Brooklyn-based design studio Pensa called Street Charge, will mean a fresh charge is only be a couple blocks away at your neighborhood park. (more…)