Family of four produced just 1 bag of trash last year, could your family do the same?

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They faced the challenge and learned new habits      

Necessity is the mother of invention, goes the saying. If you tell yourself: "I'd like to reduce how much garbage I produce", you probably won't achieve much because there are no concrete constraints. It's just a vague, amorphous wish, and it's hard to tell if you're succeeding or failing. But if you set yourself a very clear, very ambitious goal, you'll be a lot more inclined to rise up to the challenge and take the steps necessary to truly change things.

10 ways to improve your recycling

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Recycling got its start almost four decades ago, when a U.S. paper company wanted a symbol to communicate its products' recycled content to customers. The design competition they held was won by Gary Anderson, a young graphic designer from the University of Southern California. His entry, based on the Mobius strip (a shape with only one side and no end) is now universally recognized as the symbol for recycling. (more…)

British Airways wants to fly garbage-powered planes from NYC to London in 2017

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While most land-based transportation can be electrified and powered be clean energy, things are a little more complicated with airplanes. Until Elon Musk decides to build the supersonic electric plane with vertical take off that he said he knew how to make 5 years ago, most planes will need liquid fuel with a high energy-density. Right now, that means fossil fuels, but what if we could create jet fuel from sources that are at least carbon neutral? (more…)

Tips on Recycling Plastic Bags and Film Packaging

Most polyethylene bags, film and wraps are recyclable, but require a different type of recycling than plastic bottles and containers. Plastic bottles and containers usually are collected curbside, while major grocery chains ask that used clean and dry plastic bags and wraps be recycled in bins in front of the store or near the checkout. (more…)

These tiles are made from your old computer monitors

CRTglasstiles.jpg.662x0_q100_crop-scaleWith everyone who can afford to turning to flat screen technology to replace their old TVs and monitors, there's an abundance of old cathode ray tube (CRT) glass hitting the e-waste stream, and a dearth of ways to put it back into service. But an innovative ceramic tile company that focuses on the use of recycled materials in their products has a great idea for recycled CRT glass, giving it a second life as a sustainable interior design element. (more…)