Google and SunPower pump $250 million more into residential solar leasing

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Google is one of the leading corporations in the US for investment in renewable energy. On Earth Day (yesterday), it announced its 15th renewable energy investment, the purchase of a gigantic 407-megawatt wind farm in Iowa. Just one day later, it just announced its 16th renewable energy investment, a $100 million investment in residential solar leasing. (more…)

Innovative DIY solar water pump takes aim at global water crisis

Pumpmakers NSP Solar Pump

In an age when many of us have unprecedented and almost instant access to technology and resources, and yet others in the developing world are dying daily because of lack of something basic and simple, such as access to clean drinking water, it should be fairly obvious that there's something very wrong with the state of human affairs. (more…)

Flow battery breakthrough scales cheaply to store renewable energy without scarce metals

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With today's battery technology, the dream of relying on renewable energy sources independent of fossil fuels remains impossible. Storing enough energy to supply needs on calm or cloudy days costs too much using today's batteries. A discovery by a team at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciencepromises new progress in cutting our umbilical cord to to coal and oil. (more…)

China added more solar capacity in 2013 than any other country ever has in a single year (12GW)

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While the US reached 10 gigawatts of total installed solar PV last summer and should end 2013 a bit above that (official numbers aren't out yet), China has also had a very productive 2013 on the solar front. Depending on the source, China has installed between 9.5 and 12 gigawatt of solar panels during the year alone (this is not a cumulative number). This is more than has ever been installed by any country in a single year, and it's also more than the cumulative total of all previous years in China! That's truly remarkable, and it's only the beginning: the country expects to install 14 gigawatts in 2014. (more…)