Toyota Environment

sustainability_studiesBy Angie Barmer

In addition to rolling out a plethora of Toyota Corollas every day, the Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Mississippi, Inc. facility in Blue Springs is also deemed the model sustainable assembly plant for North American operations.

This is due to the many environmental and sustainability practices that are in place every day at the 1,540-acre Blue Springs facility. Performance, biodiversity, community education, and renewable energy are the keys to these daily practices at TMMMS. (more…)

British Airways wants to fly garbage-powered planes from NYC to London in 2017

British Airways plane

While most land-based transportation can be electrified and powered be clean energy, things are a little more complicated with airplanes. Until Elon Musk decides to build the supersonic electric plane with vertical take off that he said he knew how to make 5 years ago, most planes will need liquid fuel with a high energy-density. Right now, that means fossil fuels, but what if we could create jet fuel from sources that are at least carbon neutral? (more…)

Who knew vegetable gardens could be so revolutionary?

backyard vegetable garden

CC BY 2.0 gardener41

Food production has long been linked to politics, but there is a new movement underfoot. Americans are growing tired of waiting for the food industry to change. Thanks to the Internet, revealing documentaries, and outspoken food activists, there is more information available than ever before about the dark side of corporate-driven food production. So, while Monsanto continues to sell its genetically modified seeds and CAFOs continue to churn out questionable meat, Americans are protesting by picking up their shovels and hoes – and gardening. (more…)

Reasons Why You Should Recycle

Recycling has numerous environmental benefits. Recycling saves energy, conserves natural resources, limits pollution, and supports several sectors of the economy.

Here are some important statistics from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other resource industry groups that will explain each of these benefits of recycling in greater detail. As you're reading, think how this could positively affect where you live and our environment.

It’s Fair Tuesday; Support Fair Trade Today

It is the first Fair Tuesday, set up as a response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday by Global Goods Partners. Fair Trade was founded to help level the playing field for small co-operatives; farmers are paid a premium price that is used for " education, health care, environment, business management, quality improvement or productivity." (more…)